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Our Clients' Certified Transparency

One of the many things that separates GreenCircle Certified, LLC from other third-party certifiers is our process of recertification. Each year, we guide our clients through a recertification of their claims, to ensure specificity and -hopefully!- to document improvements. This issue features some of our clients who have achieved recertification year after year, and dives into the highlights of their sustainability journey and certification. Read more to learn about third-party certification at your organization!

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GreenCircle Magazine

The Future of Waste

Our Waste Diversion from Landfill certification demonstrates an organizations commitment to responsible management of materials by quantifying and certifying total diverted waste from landfill. Through efforts in source reduction, recycling, redesign, and other methods, these articles tell the story of our clients' journeys’ to eliminate waste to landfills, and critically examine their processes. Read more to learn about increasing waste diversion at your organization!

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Emerging Market Developments in 2014

Success Through Sustainability

As 2014 kicks off, many companies are reevaluating their brand positioning in an evolving market. Consumer demand for corporate responsibility continues to gain momentum, and regulations and supply chain requirements are driving the industry toward sustainability. Recognizing industry changes and market trends for the upcoming year, and going forward, will empower your organization to position for success. This white paper examines the emerging and growing sustainable industry trends that will impact your business in 2014.

The Value of Third-Party Certification in Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable purchasing policies and sustainable supply chain requirements are generating new opportunities for product manufacturers and raw material suppliers. Capitalizing on these opportunities requires a proactive effort from suppliers, but also provides a significant return on investment. The increase in these procurement programs is creating the need to stand out from the competition and clearly demonstrate the preferable attributes of your products and raw materials. This paper examines the market implications of sustainable purchasing policies and sustainable supply chain requirements and identifies methods to meet the growing demand and establish a lasting brand position in the evolving market.

The Evolution of Environmental Claims

The Importance of Specificity in Third-Party Certifications (2010-Present)

This White Paper is a continuation of our White Paper titled The Importance of Specificity in Third-Party Certifications, first authored by Tad Radzinski in the fall of 2010. Industry changes and increasing requirements have prompted the need to bring this topic to the forefront and identify the current status of this pertinent issue. In the pages that follow, comparisons will be made between 2010 and the current market situation. These observations are intended to clarify current requirements, as well as illustrate future trends.

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