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HPD Third-Party Review Pilot Process

Growing concerns over chemical hazards in buildings has prompted many large architecture firms to request Health Product Declarations (HPDs) from building product manufacturers. HPDs disclose the chemical contents of products in accordance with the Health Product Declaration Standard. This open standard was developed to provide a consistent reporting format that increases the quality and availability of product health information. It will enable builders, architects, and designers to assess products and their related chemical constituents across product categories.

To date, there hasn't been a regulatory body that evaluates the conformity of an HPD to the Heath Product Declaration Standard, but the development of a third-party HPD validation system is now in progress. GreenCircle is assisting in the development of a certification system to validate that HPDs have been completed thoroughly and correctly in conjunction with the Health Product Declaration Collaboration. The pilot HPD certification program is scheduled to be announced at GreenBuild 2013, and GreenCircle is currently auditing some of our current clients' HPDs as a part of this pilot process. Contact AshLee Klingman at for more information on having your HPD reviewed by GreenCircle.

Read the Collaborative's press release here: Seven Leading Product Sustainability Assessment Companies Partner with the Health Product Declaration Collaborative to Develop HPDTM Third Party Verification and Quality Assurance Protocols

Zero Waste Strategies for Corporations

Voice of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

The SPLC is a group of experts from government, industry, academia, standards organizations, and NGOs that have joined together to create standardization in how sustainable purchasing is defined, guided, measured and rewarded. The Founders Circle - including GreenCircle Certified, the EPA, DoD, Lockheed Martin, FedEx, Dell and a multitude of others - recently met at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C. to plan priorities on how to create sustainable purchasing guidelines for the United States across several product categories. General membership for the SPLC will open at the end of September and general members will be able to join technical advisory groups to assist in the development of various standards for various product sectors. For more information about the SPLC, please find a link to their website here: Hear from founding members of the SPLC to learn more about the objectives of the organization in the video above.

LEED Interpretation Ruling Sets Standard for Recycled Content Documentation

The latest LEED Interpretation Ruling (LIR) for Recycled Content deems national averages as unacceptable for LEED documentation, and validates GreenCircle's long-standing drive for specificity in the marketplace. As stated in the formal ruling, "An average recycled content claim, especially one that incorporates multiple product lines or places of manufacture, does not meet the credit intent and is not acceptable for LEED documentation." This ruling demands product and plant specific recycled content evaluation and documentation. "Recycled content claims must be specific to the installed product (and therefore place of manufacture); regional or national claims do not meet credit requirements".

For more information on the LIR click here.

Federal Trade Commission Releases Updated Green Guides to Protect Consumers from Misleading Environmental Claims

First introduced in 1992, the Green Guides are designed to help marketers ensure their environmental claims are valid and non-deceptive. The latest revision was finalized two years after the draft update was released, due to heavy deliberation. "The introduction of environmentally friendly products into the marketplace is a win for consumers who want to purchase greener products and producers who want to sell them," said FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz. "But this win-win can only occur if marketers' claims are truthful and substantiated. The FTC's changes to the Green Guides will level the playing field for honest business people and it is one reason why we had such broad support."

For more information on the FTC Green Guides Update click here.

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