Certified Successes

Company: ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions
Product: Doors
Certification: Certified Energy Savings

"Over the past few years, GreenCircle has provided our company invaluable support and data analysis that directly ties into our ongoing sales efforts with the federal government. Throughout my relationship with GreenCircle, they have provided high-quality work with prompt turnaround. I continue to be impressed by their total integrity, quality of their work, and ability to work as partners in ASSA ABLOY's strategic sustainability planning."

Jeff Huggins
Director, Government Programs
ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions

Company: CURRIES
Facility: Mason City, IA
Certification: Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

"Our Sustainable Manufacturing Practices certification at CURRIES has provided us with a new way to see and use our sustainability data. This is very helpful as we continue to integrate sustainability as a central facet of our business strategy. Third-party certification helps us to remain as transparent as possible, assess and verify the progress we have made, and identify what work still has to be done. We are excited to utilize this certification going forward and continuing to create a positive impact at CURRIES."

Heidi Marquardt
Environmental Engineer

Company: Ceco Door
Facility: Milan, TN
Certification: Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

"Working with GreenCircle on our Sustainable Manufacturing Practices certification helped us to benchmark and measure the specific sustainable manufacturing achievements Ceco Door has attained. We knew we were making huge strides in our manufacturing processes, but now we have verified and certified proof of our successes. GreenCircle ensured that the certification process was streamlined, transparent, and efficient. We are excited to move forward with even greater waste reductions and waste diversion next year!"

David Dewberry
Electrical/Environmental Engineer
Ceco Door

Company: Tangent Technologies, LLC
Facility: Aurora, IL
Certification: Recycled Content and Closed Loop Product

"The GreenCircle certifications for Recycled Content and Closed Loop Product highlight Tangent Technologies LLC commitment to applying transparent and verifiable 3rd party certification to "back up" our sustainable product claims for all our recycled plastic lumber brands. Our certifications ensure our compliance with FTC Green Guidelines and align our customers to their environmental benefit claims which is easy to understand, and prove to our customers the leadership and responsibility Tangent is investing to protecting our environment within the recycled plastic lumber industry."

Guy DeFeo
President & CEO
Tangent Technologies, LLC

Company: Medeco
Product: Door Hardware
Certification: Certified Environmental Facts (Multi-Attribute)

"The sustainability strategy at Medeco adds value to our business across the board and we wanted a way to communicate our successes to our customers. The Certified Environmental Facts label allowed us to present this information in a format that is familiar to everyone and easily understood. Third-party certification not only helps share our sustainability story, it also helps us satisfy customer demand for transparency and accountability."

Amanda Troise
Mechanical Product Line Manager

Company: Zwicky Processing and Recycling Inc.
Facility: Fleetwood, PA
Certification: Waste Diversion From Landfill

"For decades, we have been converting waste streams into reusable material. Our certification from GreenCircle reinforces our leadership in C&D recycling and enhances our company position by demonstrating transparency and accountability."

W. David Zwicky
Zwicky Processing and Recycling Inc.

Company: Aaron Industries
Facility: Leominster, MA
Certification: Recycled Content

"We take pride in having delivered high quality recycled materials to our customers for years. GreenCircle certification provides an added layer of trust and transparency to our recycled content claims and allows us to continue offering the level of quality, sustainable materials our clients expect."

Bob Tocci
Senior Vice President
Aaron Industries

Company: ASSA ABLOY, Inc.
Product: Door Hardware
Certification: Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

"For years, we have implemented several initiatives at our New Haven facility to improve operational efficiency and lower our impact on the planet. Having our successes verified by a third party adds a level of accountability to our claims and demonstrates to our customers that we walk the talk. We have made great progress at this plant and GreenCircle certification helps us tell that story while providing a benchmark for ongoing improvement."

Bill Grambo
General Manager
Sargent Manufacturing

Company: Merck & Co., Inc.
Facility: West Point, PA
Certification: Waste Diversion from Landfill

"Our Waste Diversion from Landfill Certification has provided significant value. Not only has it established a baseline for our facilities but it has also helped us identify many opportunities for improvement. Utilizing their expertise, GreenCircle Certification sets us apart in our industry and will help us make strategic decisions going forward."

Nancy Valaika, PE
Director - Global Facilities Management
Merck & Co., Inc.

Company: Superior Essex International LP
Facility: Hoisington, KS
Certification: Waste Diversion from Landfill

"Sustainability at Superior Essex is part of our strategy to provide long-term value. Part of this strategy is increasing the efficiency of our operations to reduce the amount of waste we generate and send to landfills. We believe that it is important to tell this story to our customers and demonstrate how Superior Essex is leading the industry. GreenCircle certification is a powerful tool for communicating our successes and provides a firm backing of our market leadership."

Eric Perry
VP Applications Engineering / Quality
Superior Essex Communications

Company: ASSA ABLOY, Inc.
Product: Door Hardware
Certification: Certified Energy Savings

"Transparency on the part of product manufacturers is essential to achieving the underlying goals of sustainable construction standards. ASSA ABLOY embraces this policy of transparency and is leading the sustainability movement in the door opening industry by verifying the performance data of our products through third-party testing and certification. GreenCircle Certification provides value to our brands by assuring our sustainability claims and reinforcing ASSA ABLOY's position as a market leader."

Aaron Smith
Director - Sustainable Building Solutions

Company: GAF
Facility: Myerstown, PA
Certification: Waste Diversion from Landfill

"This was our first time working with GreenCircle. Their review process was thorough and assisted us in identifying further opportunities for improvement in our waste diversion rates. We believe that third-party validation of environmental claims is a meaningful process that helps ensure accuracy and builds trust among our customers and stakeholders."

Martin Grohman
Executive Director, Sustainability

Company: CertainTeed Insulation
Product: CedarBoards D6
Certification: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Optimized

"We are committed to product stewardship and use LCA as a tool to provide our customers full transparency. LCAs also allow us to fully understand and determine our product's environmental impacts. GreenCircle has the expertise to evaluate LCAs and subsequent improvements to the life cycle impacts of our products. Life cycle data is one of the most trusted sources for determining the environmental performance of products. GreenCircle certification adds another level of integrity to our LCA claims."

Brian W. Kirn, LEED Green Associate
Marketing Manager, Siding Products Group
CertainTeed Siding

Company: Deceuninck North America
Product: PVC Window Lineals
Certification: Closed Loop Product

"At Deceuninck North America, being conscientious of our environmental impact will not only benefit our customers, but will help us do our part to preserve our planet. With certification from GreenCircle for Recycled Content and Closed Loop Product, we can continue to grow knowing that our products feature not only unmatched quality and value, but also recycled material that could have otherwise been land filled."

David Jacobson
Director of Marketing and Innovation
Deceuninck North America

Company: Aleris Rolled Products, Inc.
Product: Aluminum
Certification: Recycled Content

"Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability. Today, with so many companies and products claiming to be green, it's difficult to know which claims are accurate. Aleris has been in the aluminum recycling business for a long time, and produces aluminum coil, plate and extrusions with high recycled content. GreenCircle certification recognizes and validates that, so our customers -- and their customers -- can be confident that Aleris products offer a sustainable solution."

Kathy Balzer,
Communications Manager Marketing Americas
Aleris Rolled Products, Inc.

Company: Solidtops, LLC
Product: Countertops
Certification: Recycled Content

"The GreenCircle team was professional and responsive throughout the certification process. They exceeded our expectations and returned our certification in a timely manner. Promoting our recycled content products is important to reach our target audience and develop new business. GreenCircle certification provides us with new opportunities to confidently market our sustainable surfaces."

Evan Kruger
Solidtops, LLC

Company: CertainTeed Ceilings
Product: Ceiling Tiles
Certification: Carbon Footprint Reduction

"Reducing our carbon footprint is one of our key sustainability goals. GreenCircle was instrumental in evaluating our carbon footprint and verifying the carbon reductions achieved at the manufacturing facility. Our industry requires credibility, an important attribute for our brand. GreenCircle certification has helped us meet this market need."

Dawn Chittick
Director of Marketing
CertainTeed Ceilings

Company: Regupol America
Product: Rubber Flooring and Turf Underlayment
Certification: Recycled Content

"This kind of voluntary certification program is a welcome step. It helps us because it documents what we've been doing all along. It strengthens our brand among our existing customers and gives us a competitive point of differentiation to appeal to prospective customers."

George Soukas
President & CEO
Regupol America

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