Sustainable Biodiesel Certification

Although many believe that using biodiesel in lieu of its petroleum counterpart is "sustainable", not all biofuels are created equal. It is necessary to identify the total environmental impact of producing and using biodiesel, but the market has been lacking a method of analyzing and identifying impacts of biofuels - until now. Recognizing the need for an objective certification system to measure the overall sustainability of the production, distribution and end use of biodiesel, the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance (SBA) has partnered with GreenCircle to create the Sustainable Biodiesel Certification system. The main goal of this certification is to validate and differentiate those organizations which produce, distribute or use biodiesel sustainably. In addition to this, the certification is designed so companies can strive for continuous improvement within their biodiesel production, distribution and end-use practices.

The SBA's Baseline Practices for Sustainability have been adapted into checklists that evaluate and score producers, distributors and end users of biodiesel. GreenCircle will provide third-party audit support to ensure the accurate completion of these checklists. These audits investigate all elements of sustainability criteria including environmental, social and economic impacts of biodiesel use.

Distributors and End Users are scored in three categories:

Biodiesel Producers are assessed against several categories including:

The points received in these categories are totaled and certification is achieved based on the
following scale:

Certification Levels Points
Certified 40-49
Silver 50-59
Gold 60-79
Platinum 80+

Steps in Certification:

Please Note: No soliciting or marketing of the SBA certification is allowed without achieving GreenCircle certification.

Benefits of Sustainable Biodiesel Certification

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