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Meeting Transparency Requirements for LEED v4 and v4.1

Transparency documents that detail a product's environmental impacts and/or material ingredient information (EPD, HPD, Declare, etc.) are the new norm. As programs like LEED v4, v4.1, and the Living Building Challenge (LBC) continue to gain traction, understanding these documents will be crucial to meet the requirements of these standards as well as evaluate the sustainability and health of products and materials. The following webinar will teach you how to interpret these transparency documents and how GreenCircle's Certified Environmental Facts (CEF) Multi-Attribute certification and Material Ingredient Reporting verification provides the trusted transparency that specifiers, purchasers, and the A&D community are looking for to meet current and future requirements.


strategies to eliminate waste and achieve zero waste

With growing attention on responsible material management, many businesses are facing increasing pressure to reduce waste generated from operations and to divert waste from landfills. Recognizing that waste equates to lost resources and profits, forward-thinking organizations understand that reducing all forms of waste is crucial to an effective and sustainable business strategy. Tad Radzinski, a former EPA Waste Minimization Program National Expert, and Annie Bevan, Certification and Operations Manager at GreenCircle, share key strategies and case studies to help organizations eliminate waste, achieve waste diversion or zero waste goals, and effectively communicate waste diversion success


hpd 101 - a crash course in health product declarations

As demand for material content disclosure continues to grow, companies have an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by reporting on material safety and ingredient hazards. In particular, the Health Product Declaration (HPD) is the preferred disclosure format in the green building community. HPDs disclose the contents of products and their potential health hazards in accordance with the Health Product Declaration Standard. Sustainable Solutions Corporation and GreenCircle Certified present unique industry experts' perspectives on HPDs. You will benefit by learning: how to create an HPD, how to use HPDs in your sales strategy, the challenges and value of material content disclosure, and the HPD verification process.


zero waste strategies for corporations

Waste Diversion from Landfill demonstrates an organization's commitment to the responsible management of end-of-life materials. Due to the increasing demand for corporate reporting, Waste Diversion from Landfill has become a critical sustainable performance measure. Currently, there is a proliferation of "landfill free" claims in the market, but are companies really achieving "zero waste to landfill" in a legitimate manner?


leed v4 are you ready? we are! part 1: fundamentals of leed v4

Three years of development, six public comment periods, and plenty of heated debate. LEED v4 has finally been approved and will "go live" this November at Greenbuild in Philadelphia. We have created this webinar to help you to gain a clear understanding of how LEED is changing and the direction in which it is going.


leed v4 are you ready? we are! part 2: materials and resource credits - uncharted waters

The most substantially revised section of the new LEED rating system compared to previous iterations, the Materials and Resources (MR) section deserves an in-depth explanation. Are your products positioned to help builders earn points within this vastly different rating system?