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Origin Connects with CRI, GreenCircle Certified & MAS

Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI), GreenCircle Certified & MAS, LLC are committed to providing the greatest value to their Manufacturer clients and are continuously seeking ways to celebrate their clients product sustainability achievements in the industry. By making key certifications such as: CRI Green Label Plus, GreenCircle Certified Energy Savings & Multi-Attribute (and several other products and manufacturing specific claims), and MAS Certified Green accessible on the Origin Hub, greater visibility and ROI is created for sustainable product certifications.
Read the press release here.

J+J's Kinetex Products Now Include Declare Label

J+J partnered with one of ILFI's approved third-party assessors, GreenCircle Certified, to provide third-party verification for its Declare label claims. J+J is among the first floorcovering manufacturers to obtain this voluntary third-party verification.
Read the press release here.

Mannington Mills' GreenCircle Certified Declare Label in 3BL Media and Trim Tab

Mannington Mills' rEvolve® carpet product is the first product to be achieve a GreenCircle Certified Declare label. We are excited to have worked with Mannington and the International Living Future Institute to increase transparency in the marketplace and to help builders and architects achieve their sustainability goals. Congratulations to Mannington and the ILFI on this industry-leading accomplishment!
Read the press release in 3BL Media here.
Read the feature in Trim Tab here.

BASF Receives GreenCircle Certification for LEED v4-compliant Manufacturer Inventory Reports

BASF has achived GreenCircle Certification for their LEED v4-compliant Manufacturer Inventory Reports, which meet the requirements for Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Material Ingredients, Option 1. Not only integral in BASF's ongoing effort for transparency, this certification will continue to move the sustainable construction industry forward in achieving points in LEED v4 and in specifying products with transparency documents.
Read the press release here.

J+J Flooring Re-certified for Zero Waste to Landfill

J+J Flooring has achieved re-certification for Zero Waste to Landfill at their Dalton, Ga. facility! At the time of their 2015 certification, J+J Flooring was the first commercial floor covering manufacturer to be certified Zero Waste to Landfill, after beginning landfill reduction efforts nearly 25 years ago. J+J Flooring successfully diverted over 5.2 million pounds of waste from local area landfills during the 2015-2016 audit period.
Read the press release here.

Interface's GreenCircle Multi-Attribute Certifications Featured in Floor Covering Weekly, Floor Daily, and Architizer

Interface's industry first GreenCircle Multi-Attribute certifications have been highlighted in Floor Covering Weekly, Floor Daily, and Architizer, following their release at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo 2016. Read the articles below to learn more about how these Multi-Attribute labels are helping Interface to achieve their Climate Take Back mission and contribute to product transparency in the green marketplace.
Read the feature in Floor Covering Weekly here.
Read the feature in Floor Daily here.
Read the feature in Architizer here.

Milliken Completes GreenCircle Audit of LEEDv4 MRc4 Option 3 Credit

"If we are to 'do good,' for our customers, we must continue to dig deeper into the sustainability of our products through their entire value chain, and entire lifecycles" - Philip Ivey, sustainability leader for Milliken. Milliken is working to increase product transparency and green building, and has taken the next step in this process, joining forces with WAP Sustainability and GreenCircle. Read more about their GreenCircle Audit of LEEDv4 MRc4 Option 3 Credit, one of the first third party audits of material transparency of this kind.
Read more about their certification here.

Tarket Receives Industry-First Material Ingredient LEED v4 Compliance Certification

Tarkett has achieved Material Ingredient LEED v4 Compliance certification for their Tandus Centiva Victory® Series Luxury Vinyl Tile and Johnsonite iQ homogenous flooring. This certification was conducted as part of Tarkett's commitment to transparency and material health. Diane Martel, Vice President, Environmental Strategy and Planning for Tarkett North America, said, "To ensure full visibility and conformance to the LEED MR credit 4 option 1 we decided to partner with GreenCircle to give our customers a tool that distinguishes our MHS's meet the requirements of this credit."
Read the article here.

Interface Achieves GreenCircle Multi-Attribute Certification

Congratulations to Interface, the first carpet manufacturer to achieve GreenCircle's Multi-Attribute certification! As a part of their new Climate Take Back mission, Interface is making strides in the carpet manufacturing industry as they reduce their environmental footprint and increase their product transparency. Highlights from their Multi-Attribute labels include a 99% carbon emission reduction while 99% of their energy comes from renewable energy sources at their LaGrange and WestPoint, GA facilities.
Read more about their achievement here.

GreenCircle Certified, LLC Listed on US Builders Review 2016 Greenbuild Editorís Choice Honorees!

For the second year in a row, GreenCircle has been honored on the list of 2016 Greenbuild Editor's Choice, a compilation by US Builders Review of leaders and innovators who are advancing sustainability and energy-efficiency in the built environment. Thank you to US Builders Review for this recognition!
See the entire list of honorees here.

GreenCircle Featured in BUILDINGS, Highlighting ASSA ABLOY Certification

GreenCircle was featured in a spotlight piece by BUILDINGS, providing a breakdown of the GreenCircle certification types and benefits. Amy Vigneux, Director of Sustainable Building Solutions for ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions, commented on ASSA ABLOY's multiple certifications: "It is imperative for customers to be able to research products without the fear of greenwashing. With GreenCircle certifications, facility managers can immediately identify a product or solution that has been audited for its claims."
Read the article here for more on the advantages of certification.

Congratulations to David Asiello and the U.S. Department of Defense on your Achievement of an SPLC Outstanding Case Study Award - Individual!

David Asiello, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, has been recognized for his achievements by the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council! The U.S. Department of Defense is the largest organization in the world, and has the ability to make a larger impact than any other entity on the planet. Because of David's leadership, the US DoD has implemented a sustainable purchasing policy, requirements and guidelines, and sustainable purchasing programs, which has facilitated the integration of sustainable purchasing into the DoD.
Read the press release here.

Congratulations ASSA ABLOY on your Achievement of an SPLC Outstanding Case Study Award!

ASSA ABLOY has been recognized for their work by the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council! ASSA ABLOY has ensured its role as a sustainable product provider and worked to increase sustainable purchasing at all levels of their organization. ASSA ABLOY has conducted extensive work with their supply chain, including supply chain audits of over 1000 suppliers, intended to help ASSA ABLOY reach their strict supplier requirements.
Read the press release here.

Middle Atlantic Highlighted in Recycling Today for GreenCircle Certification

Recycling Today featured Middle Atlantic's achievement in 96% waste diverted from landfill at their Fairfield, NJ facility, citing Middle Atlantic's focus on product development, recycling, resuse and sourcing. President Mike Baker said, "We'll keep pushing until we're completely at zero waste." Congratulations, Middle Atlantic!
Read the article here.

Superior Essex Winner in 2016 Edison Awards for Sustainable Cable Solutions

Congratulations to Superior Essex, winner of the bronze award in the Sustainable Solutions category of the 2016 Edison Awards! Superior Essex cited their achievement as the first and only cable manufacturer to be certified Zero Waste to Landfill, as well as their commitment to trasparency with industry-first Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations. Follow the link below to learn more about the Edison Awards and Superior Essex's Sustainable Cable Solutions.
Read about the Edison Awards here.

J+J Flooring Featured for Zero Waste to Landfill Accomplishment

J+J Flooring was featured in a local Dalton, Ga. news outlet for their achievement as the first commercial flooring manufacturer in the United States to be certified for Zero Waste to Landfill. In the story, J+J Flooring cites their GreenCircle certification and celebrates their success in diverting over 5 million pounds of trash from landfills.
Read the story here.

Middle Atlantic Facility Achieves 96% Waste Diversion from Landfill

Middle Atlantic Products has been certified by GreenCircle for Waste Diversion from Landfill at their Fairfield, NJ facility. A commitment to sustainability at all levels of the company, as well as initiatives to resue materials, recycle, and integrate sustainable sourcing practices has helped Middle Atlantic to streamline waste.
Read the article here.

Brewer Science Certified for Zero Waste to Landfill

Congratulations to Brewer Science! Brewer Science has attained GreenCircle's Zero Waste to Landfill certification for two manufacturing locations. This was in part accomoplished by the addition of "Big Blue" to the sites, a compactor used for waste sent to a Covanta waste-to-energy facility, rather than landfill. This initiative, along with a continued emphasis on recycling measures, has helped Brewer Science to achieve zero waste to landfill! Read the press release to learn about additional sustainability programs at Brewer Science.
Read the press release here.

Mechline Achieves GreenCircle Multi-Attribute Certification

Mechline Developments released their Certified Environmental Facts case study label for the Waste2GO Food Waste Biodigester W20.400 Serial #3105. Within the case study assessment, the specific machine at Rider University was verified to process over 400 pounds of waste within a day and divert all materials from landfill- resulting in a 39% carbon footprint reduction as compared to if the food waste was sent to landfill. Congratulations, Mechline!
Read the press release here.

Malarkey Roofing Certified for Waste Diversion at Three Facilities

Malarkey Roofing Products has been certified for waste diversion from landfill at all three of their facilities- attaining 92%, 90%, and 94% diversion rates, respectively. Malarkey achieved these diversion rates through a combination of source reduction, recycling, energy recovery, and reuse of materials. Congratulations to Malarkey Roofing on their certifications!
Read the press release here.

Annie Bevan: "The Essential Role of Sustainability in Government Procurement

GreenCircle's Annie Bevan was featured on GreenWizard highlighting sustainable procurement in government- the demand, the realities, and the path forward. Read the article to learn about how third-party certification can simplify and add value to sustainable purchasing requirements in government, and the Multi-Attribute Label Pilot Program.
Read the article here.

GreenCircle's Tad Radzinski Highlights Waste Diversion from Landfill Certification

Tad Radzinski spoke at the GAF Roofing Spotlight Series at Greenbuild 2015, emphasizing the importance of GreenCircle's Waste Diversion from Landfill certification. GAF Roofing has achieved this certification at two of their facilities, and experienced the value first-hand of verified, transparent waste diversion claims. Watch the video to learn about GreenCircle's founding, message, and motivation for providing Waste Diversion from Landfill certification to our clients.
View the video here.

Tuntex Carpet Achieves GreenCircle Recycled Content Certification

The first company in Asia to receive GreenCircle Certified, LLC, Recycled Content Certification, Tuntex Carpet has been certified for 19% and 25% pre-consumer recycled content in their "Renaissance of Art (ROA)" and "econcept" series, respectively. This certification is the first of its kind for any carpet products in Asia, and recognizes Tuntex's commitment to recycling and reclaiming carpets, transparency, and environmental protection.
View the press release here.

GreenCircle Named in Greenbuild Editor's Choice Honorees of 2015 by US Builders Review

GreenCircle has been featured in US Builders Review as one of the Greenbuild Editor's Choice Honorees of 2015. The list highlights leaders across the green building industry, consisting of companies with a commitment to furthering sustainability, a forward-thinking nature, and who have the ability to drive industry innovations. We are honored to be featured on a list of innovators and leaders.
View the list here.

GreenCircle Partners with Clean Production Action to Develop The How-to Use GreenScreen for LEED v4 Guide

It's here! Clean Production Action has released The How-to Use GreenScreen for LEED v4 Guide. GCC partnered with the CPA to create a guide to help industry professionals, manufacturers, and building professionals disclose material ingredients in building products. The guide is indended to simplify and verify the process of chemical ingredient reporting for green building standards, specifically LEED v4. The How-to Use GreenScreen for LEED v4 Guide is "must-read," "a clear roadmap," & "will encourage collaboration & cooperation."
View the press release here.

Medeco Features Third-Party Certification in Locksmith Ledger International

This month, Medeco® High Security Locks, an ASSA ABLOY Group company, highlighted its Green Circle certification in Locksmith Ledger International’s August 2015 issue. Medeco utilized this certification to showcase the value of third-party certified products, as well as their commitment to transparency. The Certified Environmental Facts (CEF) label highlights product attributes as well as sustainable advances in manufacturing. Products made in the Salem, VA plant utilize recycled and regional materials, while the plant itself has reduced impacts including its carbon footprint, energy consumption, and water use.
View the advertisement here.

Superior Essex Achieves Zero Waste to Landfill Certification

Superior Essex announces that it has achieved a Zero Waste to Landfill certification for its copper data cable manufacturing facility in Hoisington, Kansas. This is the first Zero Waste to Landfill certification ever achieved by a communications cable manufacturer, and it is a designation that has been attained by very few manufacturers of any type. Superior Essex was awarded its Zero Waste to Landfill certification by GreenCircle Certified, LLC., a prominent third-party certifier of environmental claims.
Read the full press release here.

J+J Flooring Group is First Manufacturer Certified for Zero Waste to Landfill

J+J Flooring Group, a leading manufacturer of commercial specified flooring, announced today it has been certified as a Zero Waste to Landfill manufacturer by GreenCircle Certified, LLC., a prominent third-party certifier of environmental claims. J+J Flooring Group is the first commercial flooring manufacturer in the United States to achieve this landfill free status. It is also the first company in the industry to have its waste diversion efforts audited and verified by a recognized, third-party certifier of environmental claims.
Read the full press release here.

Medeco Embraces Transparency, Securing Industry Leadership

Medeco® High Security Locks, an ASSA ABLOY Group company, has led the security industry in innovation and quality for decades and is now leading efforts to increase transparency after receiving GreenCircle certification for ten of its locking systems. Medeco is committed to attaining the highest level of transparency which is becoming increasingly important to facility owners and end-users. The ten Medeco products earned the Certified Environmental Facts (CEF) multi-attribute certification from GreenCircle Certified, LLC, the leading certifier of sustainability claims in products and operations.
Read the full press release here.

Annie Bevan to Present at Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council 2015 Summit

Annie Bevan, Certification and Operations Manager of GreenCircle, was selected to present at the SPLC 2015 Summit in Seattle, Washington. The event is being held from May 26-28 and will provide an opportunity to learn best practices, share knowledge, and advance leadership in institutional sustainable purchasing. Annie will be speaking with David Asiello of the US Department of Defense on the topic Federal Agencies Look to Multi-Attribute Certification to Meet Sustainable Procurement Mandates.
Find out more about the event and Annie's workshop here.

Showcasing Sustainable Manufacturing Practices with GreenCircle Certification

ASSA ABLOY announced that its New Haven, Connecticut manufacturing facility has received certification for Sustainable Manufacturing Practices from GreenCircle Certified, LLC. ASSA ABLOY received the certification for achievements in waste diversion and reductions in carbon footprint, energy demand and water use.
Read the full article here.

GreenCircle Will Label Products Eligible for LEED v4

A new certification will make it easier for project teams to locate products eligible for a LEED v4 credit that addresses ingredient disclosure and hazard screening (Building Product Disclosure and Optimization-Material Ingredients). Approved by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the certification program will allow manufacturers to label product literature as "LEED v4 Compliant." GreenCircle is the first third-party certifier reviewing documents such as manufacturers' inventories to ensure they adhere to LEED v4 standards.
Read the full article here.

Federal Agencies Look to Multi-Attribute Certification to Meet Sustainable Procurement Mandates

Tasked with meeting sustainable procurement mandates in the short term, while also working to meet long-term objectives, federal agencies are turning to third-party multi-attribute certifications. GreenCircle Certified, LLC has developed, and is currently looking for manufacturers to participate in, a Multi-Attribute Label Pilot Program that can be used to connect sustainable product manufacturers with federal purchasers and aid in meeting federal procurement requirements.
Read the full press release here.

GreenScreen/Clean Production Action and GreenCircle Announce Partnership on Material Ingredient Reporting

The partnership brings together Clean Production Action's GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals methodology and GreenCircle's third-party certification expertise. Developed as a method for identifying chemicals of high concern and safer alternatives, GreenScreen is an integral part of the Material Ingredient credit. Specifically, GreenScreen is used in LEED compliant Manufacturer's Inventories which require disclosure of all non-proprietary ingredients and their CAS numbers along with a GreenScreen assessment of all proprietary ingredients. This method is designed to protect proprietary product formulas while preserving precision and transparency.
Read the full article here.

GreenCircle Supports Supplier Diversity as a Certified Woman Owned Business

GreenCircle Certified, LLC is proud to announce it has recently been certified as a women's business enterprise by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation's largest third-party certifier of the businesses owned and operated by women in the U.S. Recognizing the growing commitment to supplier diversity embraced by corporations and government agencies today, GreenCircle looks to add diversity throughout our clients' supply chains.
Read the full article here.

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