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Call for Manufacturer Participation in DoD Pilot!

As some of the largest purchasers of goods and services, federal agencies have long been at the forefront of sustainable procurement. Responding to mandates, executive orders, and internal goals, agencies such as the Department of Defense (DoD) and many others have collectively been looking for a method to simplify the sustainable procurement process for federal purchasers and consumers alike. GreenCircle Certified, LLC has developed, and is currently looking for manufacturers to participate in, a Multi-Attribute Label Pilot Program that is being used to connect sustainable product manufacturers with federal purchasers and aid in meeting federal procurement requirements. To learn more about participating in the Multi-Attribute Label Pilot, contact AshLee Eustace, GreenCircle's Recertification Specialist, at or 610-569-1045.

Certified Environmental Facts

Green certifications are often vague or misleading and fail to meet consumer expectations. GreenCircle's Certified Environmental Facts (CEF) Multi-Attribute certification conveys the total sustainability of a product and operations. Much like a nutrition label, the CEF certification details all necessary environmental information in a straightforward manner. The label includes product attributes and key manufacturing impact reductions, which provides consumers with a comprehensive view of the product's overall sustainability. Products with the CEF mark can be easily compared to other products to identify the most sustainable option and help consumers make more educated purchasing decisions.

GreenCircle is committed to a holistic approach in the analysis and certification of sustainable products. Sustainability initiatives of a product are reviewed and measured from cradle to grave; manufacturing operations are benchmarked and reductions verified to a baseline year. GreenCircle hopes to help distinguish those manufacturers that have made significant strides for continuous environmental improvements in product design and manufacturing operations.

Benefits of Multi-Attribute Certification:

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