Manufacturer inventory VERIFICATION

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Understanding chemical ingredients, hazards, and appropriate disclosure levels can be intimidating. GreenCircle helps manufacturers ensure integrity of claims by verifying that your documents are in compliance with applicable guidelines and standards. All GreenCircle Verified Material Ingredient Reporting Documents are in compliance with LEED v4 and v4.1.

What is a Manufacturer Inventory?

  • A transparency document that shows the ingredients in a product and associated hazards. It allows manufacturers to keep their formulations secure while still disclosing any associated hazards

  • Hazards can be reported to 1,000 ppm using Globally Harmonized System for the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) or GreenScreen, both are approved by USGBC

  • Gives manufacturers the freedom to provide similar information to other forms of transparency reporting in a format that allows them to protect intellectual property and aligns with their existing regulatory reporting frameworks

  • Additional sustainability attributes or pertinent information can be included to help Architects and Designers in specifying

What is Manufacturer Inventory Verification used for?

  • LEED v4 compliance

  • Highlighting a manufacturers specific method for disclosure that aligns with existing internal processes

  • Demonstrating compliance with programs or regulatory requirements

  • Providing additional information for specification (Living Building Challenge (LBC), red list, recycled content, etc.)

  • Helping manufacturers understand their products and the associated hazards

How does GreenCircle verify that a Manufacturer Inventory Verification is true and accurate?

  • System Verification

    • Conduct conference calls with applicable personnel to discuss project scope and understand chemical management system

    • Collect documentation related to creating and maintaining Bills of Materials (BOMs) and determining hazards associated with constituent ingredients

    • Interviews with personnel involved in maintaining BOMs and determining hazards

    • Complete a site visit to visually verify processes and procedures

    • Compare identified hazards with other hazard reporting tools (Toxnot and Pharos)

  • Review of Each Manufacturer Inventory:

    • BOM Review

      • Ensure disclosure to minimum 1,000 ppm

      • Ensure correct CASRN is listed

      • Ensure correct designation of public vs proprietary

      • Ensure range of each substance captures actual concentration

      • Ensure that role is listed for trade secret ingredients

    • Hazard Review

      • Against SDS or other applicable information (Toxnot)

  • Reverification

    • Manufacturers are required to notify GreenCircle of updates per verification agreement

    • Minimum annual check in with client to ensure no changes have been made

Options for hazard reporting in Manufacturer Inventories:

  • Globally Harmonized System for the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)

    • System verification to understand how hazards are determined

    • On staff toxicologists interviewed

    • Chemical management system and hazard reporting methodology is consistent and appropriately reported

  • GreenScreen

    • GreenScreen hazard reporting is also used in Health Product Declarations

    • Hazards score can be substantiated using Toxnot or Pharos

How does a Manufacturer Inventory Verification contribute to LEED v4 vs v4.1 credits?

  • Option 1

    • ALL GreenCircle LEED v4 compliant inventories; Verified HPDs;  and Red List Free, Declared, or LBC compliant Declare labels with content inventory to 1,000 ppm contribute to Option 1 under LEED v4 and 4.1

  • Option 2

    • LEED v4.1 - Optimized inventories can also contribute to Option 2 if they are to 100ppm and no BM1 or LT-1 hazards or no GHS Category 1 hazards. This requires third-party verification under 4.1

    • Red list Free Declare labels

  • Under LEED v4.1, Manufacturer Inventories with third-party verification are worth 1.5 products under the credit


If you have any questions or would like to request our Manufacturer Inventory Verification Guidelines contact: