Closed Loop Product Certification

GreenCircle will certify an organization's claim for a closed loop product based on a detailed analysis of the product's down-stream supply chain and life cycle. GreenCircle will verify that the manufacturer has an established process and system to take back their products for reuse and recycling into the same or similar products within the manufacturing operation.

Certified Success

Company: Deceuninck North America
Product: PVC Window Lineals
Certification: Closed Loop Product

"At Deceuninck North America, being conscientious of our environmental impact will not only benefit our customers, but will help us do our part to preserve our planet. With certification from GreenCircle for Recycled Content and Closed Loop Product, we can continue to grow knowing that our products feature not only unmatched quality and value, but also recycled material that could have otherwise been land filled."

David Jacobson
Director of Marketing and Innovation
Deceuninck North America

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